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30 December 1977
Where to begin eh?

This is the Journal of Wilfred R. Robinson. I grew up in the Northeast of Philadelphia and lived there for the better part of my life.

I married a fellow Philadelphian and we moved to South Philadelphia where we have fought against the world from the comforts of our home in the South of our city.

I have a webcomic that gets updated at least twice a month, but usually more often than that. If you are interested you can read my webcomic at http://www.friday-knights.net

I enjoy a good story no matter what Media it is in, although I prefer a story set with a Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror backdrop as opposed to a more mundane setting. I write fiction, I play Videogames, I love music, I watch Anime, and I especially read books.

What you'll find in this journal

Excerpts of my fiction: and probably a word count of some kind, keeping tally of what I have written.

Reviews of music: I like many different kinds of underground and not-so underground music and I usually post about them on here.

Reviews of books that I am reading, Anime(tion) that I am watching, or movies that I have just seen. Again when it comes to movies I prefer them to have a sci-fi/fantasy/horror bent, but I don't mind watching a good Wuxia or Hong Kong Martial arts flick. I also enjoy Japanese Cinema, (Not just horror but alot of diverse Japanese Cinema.)

Reviews/Predictions of upcoming, or already passed, MMA cards. I really like Mixed Martial Arts, and will occasionally update about it on here. Also, Hockey. I love Hockey.

Ok, well, to help you get a flavor of who I am and what I like, here area few lists of my favorites. Although these lists are subject to change at any time.

I disable comments on my Journal, but if you want to comment you can link over to my word press and comment there. There is a link to my word press at the bottom of each entry.

Favorite Authors
H.P. Lovecraft
Stephen King
George R. R. Martain
Fritz Leiber
Robert E. Howard
Robert Heinline
Robert Bloch
Miura Kentaro
Alan Moore
This list could get very long

Favorite Books/Series
The Elenium
The DreamQuest of Unknown Kadath
A Song of Ice and Fire
The Watchmen
The Dark Tower
Again, this list can get very long

Favorite Anime(tions)
Invader Zim
Elfen Lied
South Park

Favorite Movies
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
Godzilla 1954
Godzilla Vs Mecha Godzilla 1993
Lord of the Rings All of them, including the cartoons)
Star Wars (All of them, including the X-mas special)

Currently Reading:
The Black Jewels by Ann Bishop

Eagerly Anticipating:
LOZ:WW remake
Godzilla 2014
Winds of Winter
Man of Steel

Well, I guess that is it for now,

♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬And now a pic...of me \m/ (^_^) \m/♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬

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All we really are is just a cheap knock off of our father.

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Well if you like what you have read so far, feel free to add me I always welcome new friends. ^.^ but...comment and let me know that you added me, and I'll be happy to add you back.